Yoga is beyond just an exercise for the body, it is also for your mind

Updated: Jan 5, 2019

Benefits to your mental and physical health

It is no surprise that yoga has become such a phenomenon as in today's world we tackle multiple challenges related to our health, emotional and physical well-being, pollution and stress. Yoga is the perfect answer to finding calmness, center ourselves while also providing our bodies with nourishing exercise.

More and more proof of research emerges about yoga’s health benefits, especially in the Western hemisphere where yoga had been long wrapped in a bit of mystery as to how much it can contribute to our health and overall wellbeing. When considering one's health, we should never forget about linking our healthy-selves to our happy-selves as the correlation is undeniable. As highlighted countless times by the community of yoga practitioners, regularly doing yoga helps deepen compassionate relationships with others, increases our self-esteem, gives us inner strength to make changes in our lives or cope with challenges.

If you are at the beginning of your yoga journey or you would just like to remind yourself why you are practicing, this little writing should give you enough motivation to grab your mat and get down to your ommmm.