The ever-mythical work-life balance

Updated: Apr 29, 2019

Have you seen yourself in someone else’s photo recently and realised you are not quite as fit or as healthy-looking as you used to be “...before this venture launched” or “...before this project started” or any other work-related line in the sand?

Perhaps right now you think you need to re-enrol in the gym (or at least show up and actually USE said gym membership); or maybe you’re just about to hire a personal trainer...Well if you find yourself needing that one little push back into finding a balance between work and play...Or if you need just a bit of inspiration from others who HAVE found that work-life-balance, then please read on.

I used to do power lifting many moons ago. I was a Hatha Yoga instructor. And I jumped off a plane ten times in one week. The last skydiving stint was part of a reconnaissance mission to see if being a Tandem Skydiving instructor in New Zealand was for me, or not. Well more than a decade later, the main traits I’ve kept from those pre-children chapters of my life are these: I am methodic, process orientated, meticulous and obsessive to the point of being cajoled as having OCD. I’m also a calculated risk-taker.

The biggest risk is really doing nothing. Every little inner wake up call is worth answering.

Here are five of the most common wake up calls shared as stories from sunbear friends (so don't worry, you're not alone in thinking, 'wow these are really SIMPLE!')