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The Art of Wielding 10 Minutes a Day (or even 20 minutes) can completely, and quite immediately, improve anyone's physical and mental well-being, no matter what your base point is. Just a mere decade ago it seemed a bit of an urban legend to do regular exercise and not be enrolled in a gym or be a yoga-driven tree-hugging hippie. These stereotypes have all but melted away when Science tells us how important exercise is to health, and how even the smallest of healthy tweaks to our lifestyles can drive such impactful changes. And it starts simply, and humbly enough...commandeer ME time, disconnect from the mundane tasks (and wifi) and see what your body can do to be the best version of yourself! The SunBear Adventures team believes in this so deeply, appreciating both Science and Art, that we've crafted a 4-day Mindful Hiking and Yoga Retreat. Have a look around on our site, join the collective.

Everyday people from all walks of life have given us their stories on how they do this. Let's add yours! Share your #YogaRitual with us and we will broadcast your story and keep you informed about our adventures, retreats, and yes - gifts!



Kristina Marie is a world traveller and avid yoga enthusiast. She delights in sampling cuisines and hiking trails all over the world. She has written for blogs, magazines, newspapers and TV across 4 continents. Kristina is also a visual artist who performs live. She doesn't just write about healthy lifestyles, she lives it...

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