Start a New Healthy Happy Life with a New 2019 Year

Simple steps of how to succeed and achieve your goals.

It’s easy to dream about perfect life - just lay down on the sofa with a notebook, write a long list of goals and wait for things to change. But in fact, our lists of desires and plans remain hanging all the year round in silent corner. We made a list that can slowly and surely transform us and our lifestyle.

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What is the main mistake?

There are goals that most often go on the lists: #loseweight, start #healthylifestyle, find love, buy an apartment / car / shoes, #travel more. However, these aspirations are good, but too general and not adapted to individual needs, and therefore do not help, but rather prevent these goals from being achieved. Often behind such dreams hides much more personal aspirations - those that we do not even allow ourselves to formulate.

Set only Your Personal Goals

And get rid of those that are imposed from the outside. Your goals should evoke #positiveemotions and the desire to achieve them, and others simply recognize the easy longing that arises every time you remember them.

If you cannot understand what you want, imagine that 2019 is coming to an end, and ask yourself: what was going on in it, how did you spend it so that you feel good?

Set goals from different areas of life

To understand which goals will lead to happiness more quickly, it is necessary to identify important areas for yourself (family, career, finances, personal projects, relationships, and so on) and evaluate where are you on the scale from 1 to 10 (1: just the beginning; and 10: already achieved). This can be done using the balance wheel.

Choose two areas in which you will start working first. You do not need to repair everything at once – you will simply spend too much energy. Choosing two main goals (for example, to do #yogaexercises and go on a #wellnesstrip with your family), and focus on them. If one not working, you can work on the other. For example, if you missed exercises, explore different countries for your next trip. It is useful to relate goals with their values.

Formulate goals specifically

As long as the goal sounds abstract, it is completely incomprehensible how to approach it. For example: "I want to achieve inner harmony."

First, ask yourself questions:

· What exactly do I want to achieve?

· Where?

· How?

· When?

· With whom?

· What are the conditions and limitations?

· Why exactly do I want to reach this goal? What are possible alternative ways of achieving the same?

Answering these questions with focus on “harmony” can be turned into clear understanding of how to achieve the goal.

The best way to formulate goals is the SMART system: the goal must be Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Timely for you.

Another thing that's very important when setting SMART goals, is formulating it POSITIVELY. Remember that what you focus on, increases. So when you focus on NOT doing something, all you think about is that thing. And it will increase. So don't 'stop procrastinating', but 'achieve a daily discipline'.

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Don't be too ambitious

In resolutions for a year, there is no need to set impracticable goals such as “Enter Harvard this year” or “Buy an apartment in the center of London”. Such goals are needed, but that is a long-term planning.

All big divide into small steps

All goals that fall into long-term planning should be divided into several small ones. They should be included in the New Year's Goals List. For example, to enter Harvard, you must at least know English. For how many years can I learn a language to the level of a decent score on the test? For one and a half years of practice 3 times a week. What do I need for this? Tutor? Group? When will I start classes and where? And now you are already compiling a table with different schools and asking your acquaintances about their experience, instead of desiring to go to Harvard in the abstract, not knowing how to approach this.

Set up goals that depend only on you

Planning to “get married” or “get a promotion at work” is too risky. These processes depend not only on you, and if you tried, but nothing happened, it will be insulting. It is better to choose related goals, for example, go to psychotherapy or get additional education.

Set deadlines and specify results

Here it is important not to overdo it. On one hand, you should not rush yourself, on the other hand, without temporary guidelines, aspirations can fall into a long box.

Think about how you will understand that goal is reached. For example, you write “I want to do #workout 5 times a week”. Does three times count? And if the was not 15 minutes, but seven? And if you did #squats at work during the break?

Listen to yourself carefully

Reaching a goal is a long conversation with yourself. Sometimes, set some kind of goal, you can look around and think, why it didn’t work before? What disturbed me?

Perhaps the true goal is not to achieve something, but to find a hindrance that did not allow you to do it before. After the causes are eliminated, most likely, the actual implementation will be quite simple.

The main thing is to admit the thought (if you try hard, you can live with it for 10 days of a vacation) that any changes are a process. You definitely already have what you like, and there are areas in which you want changes. And they will begin, day after day, if you patiently work on them. Your plan and list will just help you understand where to go, so that the gap between expectations and reality becomes smaller and smaller every day.

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