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Updated: Nov 29, 2018

Look and feel better by choosing a form of exercise that fits your style.

So you’re bored with your current fitness routine? Or maybe you don’t even have a fitness routine. If you’re looking to get fit but lack the motivation, you are not alone. There are plenty of people who find themselves in a fitness rut and just don’t know how to get out of it. Whether you rely on a monotonous routine of running, indoor cycling, and the occasional weight lifting or you’re the type who sticks to yoga; there are an array of wonderfully weird and different workout classes that are bound to spice things up a bit.

Aerial Yoga

Here are five fascinating workouts to add to your fitness regime:

Bungee Bouncing

This one will quite literally have you bouncing off the walls. A combination of pilates moves, yoga stretches, dancing, and plyometrics, you could say that this is a hybrid-style workout. Strapped to resistant bungee ropes that are used to bounce you off the walls, you will find yourself flying through the air and performing incredible tricks.

The standard structure of a bungee workout includes a warm-up, exercises, and a cooldown. The class will usually be around 75 minutes long and be broken down into different routines that come together as a combination of various exercises. As sometimes you will find yourself at the centre of the studio’s floor and in other moments you will be standing on a vertical wall. For instance; you might transition from a bouncing lunge to squats, and then drop into a one-armed plank.

There are different levels of bungee bouncing - so no need to worry if you are a beginner. Always expect something new and exciting because no two classes will be the same. Anyone can participate in bungee bouncing - you don’t need to be a dancer or athlete. It’s a fun and effective way to get fit.

Hula hooping

When last did you hula hoop? For most of us, the answer would probably be when we were teeny tiny kiddies. You may be surprised to hear that hula hooping is one of the best cardio workouts that you can do. It burns mega calories, sculpts the body, blasts off belly fat, and it’s super fun.

Any type of workout that gets your heart rate up is effective. One particular study found that hula hooping burns approximately seven calories per minute (210 calories in 30 minutes). Keep in mind, however, that how many calories you burn will depend on gender, weight, age, and the intensity of your workout, among other things.

The best thing about hula hooping is that it brings out the kid in you and you don’t even feel like you working out - when in fact, you most definitely are. It’s great for targeting the hips, arms, glutes, and shoulders.


A combination of heart-pumping cardio and martial arts techniques, kickboxing is a high-intensity workout that is sure to burn calories and fat. In fact, it’s one of the best ways to burn fat and fast. You can burn up to 750 calories in an hour of kickboxing. However, classes are often only 30 minutes long because of the high-intensity levels.

A typical 30-minute kickboxing class is divided into three parts; warm up, a select number of exercise stations, and cool down. Stations will usually change daily and is a combination of specific kickboxing moves, and body weight exercises.

It’s important to note that kickboxing has a high difficulty level. Even if it’s only 30 minutes, it’s an intense cardio session that will make you sweat and probably leave you sore - in a good way - for two days! If you’re serious about shedding those extra kilos, kickboxing is the way to go.


Aerial yoga

One of the latest fitness trends that you may have come across on Instagram is aerial yoga. While the gravity-defying yoga poses displayed may look intimidating, you don’t have to be an acrobat to learn and love aerial yoga.

One of the biggest benefits of aerial yoga is what it does for the abs. Since you are suspended in the air, you lose your point of stability which means that you will engage your core without even realizing it. It’s also a full-body workout that will certainly burn a subsequent amount of calories. If you’re looking for a challenging and fun way to burn fat, then aerial yoga is the way to go.

Aqua Zumba

So you’ve likely heard of and possibly even tried Zumba before. But, have you ever heard of Aqua Zumba? It’s exactly what it sounds like - Zumba in a pool, and it’s a great way to get fit and have fun. Exercising in the water is tougher than in a studio, although to be fair anything is more difficult in water, but in a good way. The water adds a bit of resistance, so it feels like you are getting a real workout.

Zumba is a form of Latin dancing, so Aqua Zumba is essentially dancing in the water. It may be a little unnerving at first, but once you get into it, you won’t want to stop. The great thing about exercising in a pool is that you usually won’t be sore afterwards - since the water puts less pressure on the joints, and you won’t feel sweaty afterwards. So there’s no excuse really when it comes to Aqua Zumba.

So what are you waiting for? If you’re tired of the same old workout class that has you moving through the typical lunges, squats, and ab exercises, then give these wonderfully weird fitness workouts a try.

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