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A self-professed Creator, Global Citizen, and Wellness Coach, Natalia was born in Belarus, lived in New York for 8 years before falling in love with Spain and moved to Barcelona, where she found her great passion for helping people on their Journey to the Best Versions of Themselves. 




If you have not discovered your passion yet or don't feel like you are living within your full potential, you may need a life changing event to make you realize who you really are and what your purpose is.


Our retreat's programme will help you unwind from your routine, improve your mood, strengthen you both physically and mentally and bring back your DREAMS.

I am passionate about making people aware of their value and the gift that life gives us.

Let’s meet there!

Executive Coach


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Determined mind, open heart and a happy soul combined with a VERY flexible body are just a few qualities of Yana, our yoga teacher since 2012. Trained by Guru Sajee Van in Kochi in India she has specialized in Hatha & Ashtanga yoga disciplines.

She will be your yoga guru during the retreat and will help you to reconnect you body and soul. 

Yoga Teacher



With his inspiring healthy dishes like Roasted Veggie Lasagna, Wild Pumpkin Hummus, and Ginger-lemon Bundt Cake, our Head Chef delights our retreat experience with his delicious and healthy recipes every meal of the day. 

Head Chef



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