Our SunBear Head Chef

Our personal chef at SunBear retreats is Nicolas Maloisel. Born and raised in France, he has decided to make neighboring Spain his place of residence. He began cooking at home, learning techniques of the trade from family members before one day deciding to quit his normal job and become a professional chef. It was a big risk for him and he was quite nervous at first, but he was a natural at it. Plus having a passion for something makes all the difference. He has been a Head Chef for 3 years and takes inspiration from his fairly extensive world travels, as well as from an Israeli chef called Ottolenghi. And while Yotam Ottolenghiis primarily a vegetarian chef, Nicolasuses all kinds of fresh ingredients to create his delicious meals.


Nicolascame to live in Spain for a change of scenery and a change of life in general. Lucky for us, he ended up as the SunBear Head Chef. His mouthwatering dishes contain hints of Middle Eastern, Asian and North African cuisines but are distinctly French in nature. He loves sharing his creations online, so if you are feeling adventurous, check out his blog (https://dansmacuisineamoi.blogspot.com.es). Of course, it is in French, which not everyone speaks, so maybe just come to the retreat and enjoy his food without even breaking an egg.