Home is everywhere in the World and beyond. Where friends and family are, where I can connect with Nature and cities; where I can explore and find Adventures…

A self-professed Creator,Global Citizen, and Wellness Coach, Natalia was born in Belarus, lived in New York for 8 years before falling in love with Spain and moving to Barcelona, where she found her great passion for helping people on their Journey to the Best Versions of Themselves. 

Her father won the Green Card lottery and decided to find his (and all family) American Dream, and this entrepreneurial fervor was certainly not lost on Natalia, who smiles affectionately when she talks about her family, corporate job, and education in New York. An even bigger smile when she says: “Home is everywhere in the World and beyond. Where friends and family are, where I can connect with Nature and cities; where I can explore and find Adventures…”


Sunbear is originally the name of her furniture company in the U.S. Sun Bears— the actual bears— hail from Indonesia where the furniture originates from, but what struck her is that these bears are named for the golden patches of fur on their chests, which for Natalia resemble a rising sun on the mountain villa which will be your new home during the SunBear Adventures retreat in Spain.

“…After climbing Kilimanjaro, I started to create trips for my friends and family in the mountains. I took them through all kind of activities in the mountains: hiking, running, snowshoeing, and skiing. Eventually, I added gourmet restaurants, wineries, and medieval villages to our itineraries.  At the end of each trip I always had great feedback from them. Then inevitably, their friends asked me to organize such trips…then their friends’ friends asked for the same thing, having come from all over the world to visit Spain.  During one of these trips I found our unique villa. We stayed overnight and did all the fitness, yoga, meditation practices and hiking trails around the property…and that's how the idea started.  I’ve worked hard to recreate this Fitness Mountain Adventure with professional trainers, yoga teachers and world-class Chefs.  But it all started with people who are close to me who have loved the experience before it was an actual business.”


“Nature is at the core of what I do.  I would love for others to experience meditation in the mountains after a long hike…When you can feel all the energy flowing in your body and you can fully connect with the Universe. (She laughs again)…One thing I love the most about these wellness adventure retreats is 

making people hate me and they complain and complain during our long hike when I take them through the mountains…only to feel totally satisfied, blessed and thankful at the end of this trip…My Life is fun. I’d love to share this part with you.”